A case filed in the U.S. District Court in Tennessee illustrates the growing liability risks associated with cyber bullying. The parents of a middle school boy have filed a complaint against the Williamson County Board of Education and thirty-one of their son’s classmates.
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Plaintiff was an at-will employee. Under Massachusetts law, employment at-will can be terminated for any reason or for no reason. There are several recognized exceptions to this rule including when employment is terminated contrary to a well defined public policy. Firing an employee for enforcing safety regulations for which she was responsible has been held to meet that exception.
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A lawyer generally may store and synchronize electronic work files containing confidential client information across different platforms and devices using an Internet based storage solution, such as “Google docs,” so long as the lawyer undertakes reasonable efforts to ensure that the provider’s terms of use and data privacy policies, practices and procedures are compatible with the lawyer’s professional obligations, including the obligation to protect confidential client information reflected in Rule 1.6(a).
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