The Supreme Judicial Court noted that payment of salary and benefits post-termination does not substitute for payment of unused vacation time, which was shown to be 50 days. Under the Massachusetts Wage Act, a terminated employee is explicitly entitled to payment of unused vacation upon termination.
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Though public employees tend to enjoy greater protections that private sector employees, their personal activities posted online can cost them their jobs.  On January 11, 2013, the California Commission on Professional Competence issued an influential ruling upholding the termination of an adult actress turned teacher.  The three-judge panel issued a 46-page decision denying the Stacie

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A party files a request for production pursuant to Rule 34 seeking any profiles, messages (including status updates, wall comments, causes joined, groups joined, activity streams, blog entries) from social networking sites that reveal, refer or relate to any emotion, feeling, or mental state of plaintiff as well as communications by the plaintiff that