It is a difficult balance for employers between respecting the rights to speech and other protected activity of their employees and avoiding a hostile workplace created by such speech. All too often employees may express views that are protected, but in ways that may be intimidating to their co-workers and create a hostile work environment.

In June 2018, Massachusetts took the step of passing legislation aimed at providing paid family and medical leave for employees. Becoming effective in 2021, the Massachusetts Paid Family and Medical Leave Program (“PFML”) will provide for up to 12 weeks of paid family leave and 20 weeks of paid medical leave per year. This benefit

Parting with any employee comes with a host of dangers and pitfalls for an employer. These liabilities are increased when the exiting employee holds ownership in or options to own the employer’s company. Especially for smaller businesses, restricting its ownership from departing with employees is essential to continuing to operate smoothly and effectively. But in